Grammar and Vocabulary

Learning Grammar and vocabulary are essential components of mastering the English language. Here are a few reasons why they are so important:


Vocabulary and grammar provide the foundation for effective communication. Vocabulary encompasses the words and phrases we use to express our ideas, while grammar governs the rules and structure of how those words are organized in a sentence. By expanding our vocabulary and mastering grammar, we can articulate our thoughts accurately, leading to clear and meaningful communication.


A robust vocabulary and a solid understanding of grammar are crucial for understanding spoken and written English. When we encounter new words or grammatical structures, having a solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar allows us to infer their meaning from the context, making it easier to grasp the overall message.


Building a broad vocabulary repertoire and mastering grammar rules contribute to fluency in English. A wider range of vocabulary allows for more precise expression and allows learners to convey their thoughts with nuance. Grammar knowledge facilitates smooth and coherent speech, as it helps learners form grammatically correct sentences and use appropriate verb tenses, pronouns, and sentence structures.

Reading and Writing

Strong vocabulary and grammar skills enhance reading and writing proficiency. By understanding a variety of words, learners can comprehend diverse texts more easily, expanding their reading comprehension skills. In writing, the appropriate use of vocabulary and grammar ensures clarity, coherence, and accuracy, enabling effective communication of ideas and engaging the reader.


A solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar builds learner confidence. As learners gain a comprehensive understanding of these aspects of the English language, they feel more assured in their ability to express themselves accurately and confidently in both oral and written forms. This confidence is crucial in overcoming language barriers and effectively engaging with English speakers.

While these are just a few reasons, the importance of vocabulary and grammar in English language learning cannot be overstated. Mastering these aspects not only enhances communication skills but also paves the way for further language acquisition and opens up limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Unit 11 The Passive 2 
  • Unit 12 Vocabulary Friends and relations
  • Review 4 Units 10,11,12
  • Unit 13 Grammar Countable and uncountable Nouns
  • Unit 14 grammar Articles
  • Unit 15 Vocabulary Buying and Selling
  • Review 5 Units 13,14,15
  • Unit 16 Grammar Pronouns and Passive Determiners
  • Unit 17 Grammar Relative Clauses
  • unit 18 Vocabulary Inventions and Discoveries
  • Review 6 Units 16,17,18
  • Unit 19 Grammar Modals 1 (ability, permission,advice)
  • Unit 20 Grammar Models 2 obligation, probability,possibility
  • Unit 21 Vocabulary Sending and receiving 
  • Review 7 Units 19,20,21
  • Progress Test 1 Units 1-21
  • Unit 22 Grammar Modals 3 Modal perfect
  • Unit 23 Grammar questions question tags indirect questions
  • Unit 24 Vocabulary people and everyday life
  • Review 8 Units 22,23,24
  • Unit 25 Grammar So and such , too and enough
  • Unit 26 Grammar Comparative’s and superlatives
  • Unit 27 working and earning
  • Review 9 Units 25,26,27
  • Unit 28 Conditionals1 (Zero,first,second)
  • Unit 29 Conditionals 2 (Third)
  • Unit 30 Vocabulary Body and lifestyle
  • Review 10 Units 28,29,30
  • Unit 31 reported speech
  • Unit 32 Grammar Reported Questions, Orders, requests
  • Unit 33 Vocabulary Creating and building
  • Review 11 Units 31,32,33
  • Unit 34 Grammar Direct and indirect objects
  • Unit 35 Grammar wish
  • Unit 36 Nature and the Universe
  • Review 12 Units 34,35,36
  • Unit 37 -ing and infinitive
  • Unit 38 Grammar Both either neither so nor
  • Unit 39 Vocabulary laughing and crying
  • Review 13 Units 37,38,39
  • Unit 40 Grammar connectives
  • Unit 41 Grammar causatives
  • Unit 42 Vocabulary problems and Solutions
  • Review 14 Units 40,41,42
  • Progress Test 2 Units 22-42

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