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Business English is the general term used for English related to international commerce, finance and industry. In the global environment, it has become common for non-native English speakers to study business English as a specific tool, with the aim of interacting with English-speaking countries, or with companies that use English as a shared language. In this atmosphere, business English is what one is required of in order to join, communicate and compete in the international market. This is why the importance of good business English can no longer be underestimated in the age of the new global business market.

The English language is currently estimated as the third largest mother tongue in the world. However, it is unquestionably the first and most popular second-language. In fact, most of the information that circulates in our world – mail, radio, cable, internet, etc. – is in English. This language has become the working language or bridge language of our time. There is even a specific rubric for Language Skills in any standard résumé template, with the level of English generally being what is examined. This dominance plays a part in the wide range of effects of what is called globalization.

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Learning Objectives

Enable your staff to communicate in English in confidence, growing your business globally.


Business English. Listening, Writing, Reading And Speaking.


Negotiation English. Reading, Writing And Listening And Speaking


Telephone English. Listening, Reading, Writing And Speaking.


Tourism English. Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing.


Hotel And Catering English.
listening ,Speaking, Reading and Writing


Banking English. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

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What Difference Does It Make

What do people say about . How speaking English in their Business has improved their Business income.




Adopting a global language policy is not easy, and companies invariably stumble along the way. It’s radical, and it’s almost certain to meet with staunch resistance from employees. Many may feel at a disadvantage if their English isn’t as good as others’, team dynamics and performance can suffer, and national pride can get in the way. But to survive and thrive in a global economy, companies must overcome language barriers—and English will almost always be the common ground, at least for now.


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“Many businesses will rely on the help of translators, but we have found that investing in a dedicated service has led to stronger relationships with clients – so much so that the majority of work the firm receives under this service is through personal recommendations,” says partner Ciaran McCabe.

It’s not just about the ease of communication, either: knowing a language also means understanding a culture. PR agency ING Media specialises in architecture and has a global client base. Managing director Leanne Tritton says the fact the staff are multilingual has had a direct impact on its success with winning international work.


Sylivia Laws

founder of specialist global PR agency Technical Publicity

Some companies, indeed, will only consider those who have a second language. Sylvia Laws, founder of specialist global PR agency Technical Publicity, says the growth of her business can be directly related to the multilingual skills of the team. Many of their clients are multinationals. She says being able to communicate with a native speaker means business is done faster and more efficiently across big and complex markets.



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The most obvious reason for business multilingualism is to successfully interact with clients. It does not matter what your company can offer if you cannot effectively communicate this when trading abroad. Speaking to them directly in their mother tongue demonstrates a personal touch which can not only be advantageous in the short term, but could in turn lead to further recommendations. Bilingual staff will also quicken the pace of business, creating a more efficient process that will work in your favour.

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How much more comfortable do you feel in a group in which you actually understand what’s being said and what’s going on? The same idea applies in any business circle. By speaking two (or more) languages, you can easily double your professional network, which could lead to a number of additional business opportunities that would otherwise be out of your reach. Additionally, if you travel and speak the language of the people you’re doing business with rather than having to speak through a translator, you may have an easier time fostering trust between you and the other company.


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English is the language of business. In a globalized world, where money and trade flow across borders, a good command of English is essential. A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (Competing across borders: How cultural and communication barriers affect business) states that the executives in charge of multinational companies such as Heineken, Samsung and Renault believe that in the near future, over 50% of their workforce will need to speak English.

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