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Vocabulary Learning course Directory

Vocabulary Leaning course directory, has 6 courses with 60 units of Effective vocabulary building exercises based on specific learning objectives.Word recognition through pictures. and sentences. Spelling Skills + Classification and gender + Parent and Young + ocupation and work + places +Parts of the body + Synonyms +Antonyms+ Correct word Usage + Sentence formations.These Vocabulary learning courses are built in a way that its easy to access anywhere and on all devices. Via mobile phone tablet or laptop or even desk top.

these vocabulary learning course s directory includes 5 levels  From Elementary to advanced 

Why Is learning Vocabulary important

Learning vocabulary is an essential part of learning any language, and it is particularly important when learning English. Here are some reasons why:

1. Vocabulary is the foundation of communication: Without a strong vocabulary, it can be difficult to express yourself clearly and effectively in English.

2. Vocabulary is essential for reading and writing: In order to read and write in English, you need to have a good understanding of the language’s vocabulary.

3. Vocabulary helps with comprehension: When listening to or reading English, knowing the vocabulary can help you understand the meaning of the words and phrases used.

4. Vocabulary is important for academic and professional success: In order to succeed in school or in the workplace, you need to have a strong vocabulary.

5. Vocabulary helps with cultural understanding: Learning English vocabulary can help you understand the culture and customs of English-speaking countries.

Overall, learning vocabulary is an essential part of learning English and can greatly improve your ability to communicate, understand, and succeed in an English-speaking environment.

Below you will find the links for all exercises. Clink each link and work your way through each unit one at a time and you will improve your vocabulary in no time . 

learning 1

Learning 2

learning 3

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