Grammar and Vocabulary course C1 and C2 level

Vocabulary & Grammar Present Time

Vocabulary & Grammar Present Time course is designed for the C1 C2 level of English Please read the first two pages that explain all the rules for the present time Grammar. All your answers are in the first two jpegs at the top of the page and the exercises are below. Once you have completed each exercise. You can check your answers by clicking the submit button .you can take this lesson as many times as you like. This unit. then move on to the next unit. you are happy that you have fully understood. good luck. any questions you can contact me via messenger or what’s app.

How to get started with this course

Below you can find two Jpegs that have all the information that you need to complete this unit. please click and enlarge the pictures and read. Once you have read the information then start the exercises you can refer back to the pictures if you need to clarify something before you answer any of the questions. Good luck and don’t rush through it take your time.

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Grammar and vocabulary course present time C1 C2 level English

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Grammar and Vocabulary course C1 C2 level Present time

What to do next

Now you have done the reading now it’s time to start the exercises. Just follow the instructions for each exercise. By answering all the questions once you are happy with your answers submit them. you will see the correct answers and also see which ones are incorrect. And you also can restart the exercise until you are happy that you get all questions correct .each exercise is an individual exercise so you can check as you go through the course. Good luck.

I’m working on the next exercises as we speak. So come back tomorrow and complete the next exercise. I’m building these exercises as fast as i can so please be patient as the next one will be here very soon. One-to-one lessons are available with me via skype zoom or any other media you like to use. just contact me and we can arrange a trial lesson which is completely free.

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