Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’S Here is some of the Answere’s to your questions but if I have not answered a question you have you can contact me via WhatsApp. You will find the link in the right corner of the site. Looking forward to helping you improve your English.

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Purchases & Refunds

FAQ’S When would I need to pay?

FAQ’s You can pay after each lesson if you so wish. But there are discounts for paying more. each lesson is 2000 Rubles. But if you pay for 4-5 lessons in one go there is a 5% discount . Also if you pay for 10 lessons (1 month)  you will receive a 10 % discount. and if you book and pay for 20 lessons (2 months) You will receive a 15% discount. and if you book. And if you book 30 Lessons (3 months) you will receive a massive 20% discount.

FAQ’S How can I pay

There are a few ways to pay 1) MasterCard/visa to MasterCard/visa via most Russian banks. Sberbank, Tinkoff, or Paypal.

FAQ’S Is the first lesson FREE

FAQ’S In a word yes your first lesson is to get to know James and for James to get to know you and gather the information to create your course. So it completely FREE


If your Busy

If your are busy James does not mind to move your lesson to an easy and more comfortable time if the time you need is available. If the time you would like is not available James will do his best to get a time that both agree or it can be moved to the next week.

Can i cancel a lesson

Yes you can but you MUST give 24 Hrs minimum notice or you will be charged for the lesson that you are cancelling.

If i dont show up for a lesson with out any notice

This is counted as a no show and will be charged as a normal lesson.

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