Years teaching
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My name is James Monk but everyone knows me as Jimmi, I’m a pronunciation coach and trainer. Been teaching and training people now for 17 years. Teaching people online for the last 5 years. From all kinds of backgrounds  from  teaching children in private schools and Government schools. And also in language centers around the world.

I have also taught, Business English  to Law Firms, Oil Companies Insurance companies From CEOs to Directors and Managers also corporate groups. I spent 5 years teaching Business English in Moscow Russia. And a further 5 years teaching online. I love what i do and also enjoy the travel it has brought to me. I have lived and worked and travelled through 41 countries in the last 23 years.

I received my first Tefl certification in 1991 and then received a Tefl Master in 2019. I have a Degree in Business Management. And also owned two radio station that i built from scratch in Africa and one in Cambodia Both employing between 30 and 40 programm hostes and ran between 40-47 live shows on both stations. Both stations were sold when i moved on. And also a dive instructor but i stopped instructing when i moved away from the sea.

Also run a Youtube Channel called  Traveling Teacher show. which is a bit of fun really.